“Why are the years from birth to five so special?  From birth to five see the greatest growth and learning for all children. To thrive during these rapid stages of development, children need ∙Good health ∙ To be happy ∙To feel safe ∙ To be successful

Early learning is the key to your child’s future and families make the greatest difference at this stage. “Why is it important? It is called the Foundation Stage because it gives secure foundations for future learning. Childhood is important and we want all children to have enjoyable and satisfying childhood experiences. Early experiences also affect a child’s attitude to learning. They create the foundations for later learning, in school and beyond. “How will my child learn?” All children learn best from experiences that are suitable for their stage of development. Play is the key to the way young children learn. Through play children can develop the confidence for learning, social skills needed for personal development, and skills needed for writing. In that way children become more independent and are able to tackle simple problems. “How does this affect the age my child will start school? Your child must be in full time education by the term after his or her fifth birthday. This has not changed. They usually begin school in the September after their fourth birthday, giving them a year in Reception class. Where can I get more information? Talk to Abby (Manager) or your child’s key person, they will be able to help.