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Charity launches school-readiness resources for families

Free activity sheets to support children’s school readiness have been published by a national family support charity.

Home-Start UK has produced the resources as part of its Big Hopes Big Future project, backed by the Department for Education.

The downloadable activity cards contain tips, ideas and activities to support families in establishing the daily routines needed for attending school and help children to start recognising numbers and letters. They cover the four categories of ‘Reading and writing’, ‘Fun and games’, ‘Keeping clean’ and ‘Building routines’ and also suggest additional books and resources that parents can use.

Home-Start’s chief executive Rob Parkinson said, ‘The early years of a child’s education are so important to their chances in life. Making sure they are ready for that first school day starts in the home. With Big Hopes Big Future, we have been supporting those families where otherwise their children would not have been ready for that first day, we have now put our resources on our website so they are available to every family.’

The Big Hopes Big Future programme aims to help parents to understand the benefits of early learning, encourage them to create a positive home learning environment for their children and help parents manage the transition into early years’ settings.

Resource Checked by Barbara Rose Staff  17/05/2022

You can download at:

This looks like a great resource that you can incorporate within your daily routine at home, especially during the holidays. Please leave some feedback on the parent’s forum as to your option.

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