We have a rich indoor environment which incorporates separate rooms for our two age groups. The 24-36 month room is the home to our ‘Hamsters’.  The 36 – 59 months room is the dwelling place of the ‘Haffertees’.  Why are our groups called Hamsters and Haffertees?

Both rooms are flexibly laid out to ‘WOW’ our children, intermingling the seven areas of learning but also providing the children with a safe secure and happy environment where they feel confident to play and learn.

Each room provides developmentally appropriate equipment. See the individual Class pages for more info!



Our garden is designed to be used in multi-functioning ways. Designated primarily for our children’s free play. We have specific areas for planting, providing the children with opportunities to observe growth and decay within a wide variety of crops. We have also incorporated a herb garden to invite the senses, relaxing lavender and pungent lemon grass.

Our mud kitchen is constantly evolving due to reflection from children, parents and staff. Leading off of the mud kitchen you will find apple and pear trees (What shall we cook today?)

We have access to the large church garden where the children decide which equipment they would like to incorporate in their play e.g. Goal posts / basketball net / balancing blocks / planks / boxes /tents and lots more. This space is extremely versatile allowing us to bring our whole classroom outside. We have fun playing games such as going on a bear hunt, the children often change the story and instead of going through the mud ‘Squelch squerch! Squelch squerch! Squelch squerch!’ we often find ourselves eating our way through chocolate mountain.

Our outdoor area also incorporates a play house which supports both individual and cooperative play. Many children spend considerable time in the play house imitating cooking sequences they have seen at home or acting out familiar roles such as going to the dentist or celebrating a birthday. By providing a setting for role play, the home corner allows children to make sense of their immediate world. Children have numerous opportunities to work together, express their feelings, and use language to communicate roles and respond to one another’s needs and requests.

We annually celebrate our children P.E. sessions by inviting parents/grandparents /carers to ‘Barbara Rose Sport Day’. The P.E lessons support our children’s transition to school, but we find also incorporate all seven areas of learning.