What’s happened this week? w/c 6th May 2019

17th January 2020

Hamster Room

The Hamsters have loved having the big slide in our room this week! Not only have they enjoyed the challenge of climbing up the ladders and whizzing down the slide, but it’s also provided a fantastic den for chats, ‘sleepovers’ and animal explorations. Have you built a den at home recently? Dens made from blankets, or boxes or anything you have at home can provide a great spot to read a story together with your little, have a chat or enjoy some role play.

Have your Hamsters told you about our tidy up song yet? When it’s time to tidy up we turn up ‘Pharrell Williams – Happy’ and work together in our tidy teams to put everything away – and when we’re done, we enjoy a dance together on the carpet, showing off our best moves and seeing if our friends can copy, until the song has finished. It’s one of our favourite times of the day and so great to see the children dancing together.


Haffertee Room

We have been experimenting this week in the Haffertee room. The children have been amazed watching their white t-shirts turn different colours and patterns, whilst we tye dyed them.

The children have been using their imaginations with the small world characters. Making up stories and acting them out with their chosen figures.

They found the bubble wrap walkway very satisfying. Lots of hops, jumps and running to make the wrap ‘pop’.

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