What happened this week?…w/c 11th March 2019

Hamster Room

This week, we’ve headed out on a couple of nature walks, noticing signs of spring and finishing up at the park! We used all our senses on our explorations spotting lots of different flowers, listening to the sounds of the birds and enjoying the smell of a rosemary bush we found along the way. And whilst at the park, the children enjoyed the challenge of climbing, sliding, spinning and swinging! We really had lots of fun!

Back at preschool our nature explorations continued as we created windcatchers and enjoyed playing with some playdough alongside a mix of natural loose parts. We even got to explore a couple of dinosaur eggs at Hello Time which really were fascinating!

Thank you so much to everyone that dressed in red on Friday for Comic Relief, we can’t wait to find out how much we raised!


Haffertee Room

We have continued investigating change this week and observing the caterpillars growing. They are so big now compared to two weeks ago! The children have been looking at the snail habitat through the magnifying glasses and discussing what conditions they like to live in.

Some children have been making lady bird shakers and grasshoppers. The grasshoppers are filled with soil and grass seeds, so the children can observe the changes that will happen in the next few weeks as the grass starts to grow.

Friday was great fun raising money for Comic Relief. Thank you to all the children who donated and dressed in red.


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