What Happened This Week? w/c 10th June 2019

17th January 2020

Hamster Room

We have had lots of fun building and knocking over towers with our soft play shapes this week. This encouraged the children to co operate with each other and work in a team, to build the biggest towers.

Our ice cream parlour has been very popular. The children have thought up all sorts of different flavours to try, and thinking about what foods would be used to make them.

Lots of marks have been made using our toy trucks and cars. Such a simple idea that the children love to take part in!


Haffertee Room

Morning Campers! The children have been sleeping in the tent, cooking dinner over the campfire and singing songs.

During Hello Time, Myriam has been teaching the children how to say ‘hello’ in different language’s, and then asking the children where on the world map the language is from.

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