What Happened This Week in Haffertees? 24th January 2020

We’ve been busy bakers this week in the Haffertee room and have closed up shop for the weekend! “no more biscuits left, all gone now!”

It’s been a cold week in the garden but it hasn’t stopped us from putting on our coats, hats and wellies and heading out into the garden for a game of hide and seek, not to forget jumping up and down in muddy puddles! Don’t forget that we are doing a sponsored puddle jump to raise money for more waterproofs and garden equipment. You should now have all received your forms but if you haven’t please ask for one. We hope that with these suits we will be able to have even more fun in the garden.

We marked in the sand, copying some pre-writing patterns using our fingers. Some children showed an interest in putting cars into the sand and making marks with the wheels.
Pre-writing skills are the fundamental skills that children need to develop, before they learn to write. Why don’t you have a try at home with your child by playing with playdough, using tongs or tweezers to strengthen the hand muscles whilst picking up objects such as pompoms, tracing lines and shapes, using scissors and mark making in sensory play such as shaving foam.

We learnt about Chinese New Year and watched a video of a family living in Liverpool and learnt how they prepare for the celebration by cleaning their home and hanging up decorations which symbolise luck.

We also made pictures of ourselves, the children looked into mirrors to see what colour eyes and hair they have. We now have some lovely new displays to showcase all of your children’s fantastic learning. Have you spotted your child’s on the wall?

We look forward to welcoming you and your children back to preschool next week, where we will look at the story of the three little pigs.

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