What Happened This Week in Haffertees? 17th January 2020

17th January 2020

We’ve had another busy week in Haffertees room. This week, we have been reading the story of Jack and the beanstalk.
The children watched and listened with anticipation as Jack ran back down the beanstalk before the Giant could catch him!
As we observed Jack’s face throughout the story, the children were able to name different feelings such as sad, worried and happy.
We focused on numbers as we were able to recognise numbers on the beanstalk and also count out the correct number of beans to place on the leaf.
The children enjoyed retelling the story on the ‘can you tell the story’ literacy table and used the character props and Castle to support their play.
Our sound of the week was N and it was lovely to see all the show and tell beginning with N. We had Noah’s ark, ninja turtles and night fury from how to train your dragon!
We have also began practicing saying good morning/afternoon when we hear our names as the register is called, preparing the children for reception. This week we switched it up and tried to recognise our name with our name cards, the children were brilliant at recognising their own name and even knew some of their friends names!
It’s been really encouraging to hear that the children are talking about their day with you at home and they have been keen to know what story we will be learning about next week! Keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page for a hint over the weekend to see if your child can guess!
Have a wonderful weekend, hopefully the weather will be better than it has been this week!



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