Class Overview

Our inspiring Hamster children have fun exploring the extensive materials and resources we provide within our setting, giving them opportunities to stimulate and challenge their minds. We take time to observe how the children use the materials, noticing what interests each unique child in our care.

We are careful about balancing active and quiet times and try to have as few transitions as possible, understanding that too many changes can be disruptive to a young child.

Within our session we support:

  • Cooperation and social skills
  • Emergent reading skills
  • Communication and vocabulary
  • Counting and number concepts
  • Emergent writing
  • Creative exploration

The Hamster staff together create a plan, but know that it does not have to be set in stone, that ideas can change at the last minute and that’s okay. This provides us with the opportunity to ‘Plan in the moment’.

Keeping all of this in mind, allows us to provide an environment that is developmentally appropriate for our young, curious, energetic children.

Cooperation and social skills

Through emotional support, defined by the warmth and sensitivity provided to your child (often by their key worker), Your child’s bond with their key worker is really important to us, it allows the key worker to respond to their developmental needs in ways that encourage them to try activities independently, while also providing them with guidance and help as needed. This encourages the development of social and emotional competencies.

Emergent reading skills

Through name recognition / understanding that writing conveys a message. This all supports our children's experiences with language and literacy, providing them with the underpinning knowledge to call upon for later reading.

Communication and vocabulary

Through the use of open-ended questions / building vocabulary by playing games / expanding children’s own knowledge and interests. Incorporating music, rhythm and rhyme sessions. We also provide open ended resources for creative thinking and art expression.

Counting and number concepts

Through making math’s fun and engaging by incorporating a selection of resources that children can count, sort and problem-solve.

Emergent writing

Through Scribbling, drawing and making continuous marks. Children have many opportunities to develop eye-hand coordination and fine motor control with a selection of resources such as clip boards that can be transported inside and out. The outside environment providing discovery based learning.

Creative exploration

Creativity focuses on the process of forming original ideas through exploration and discovery. Creativity develops from their experiences with the process, rather than concern for the finished product. Creativity is not to be confused with talent, skill, or intelligence. Creativity is not about doing something better than others, it is about thinking, exploring, discovering, and imagining.

What The Parents Say