Class Overview

The Haffertee room is a lively and exciting place for our wonderful three and four year olds to explore, learn, have fun and make friends.

An important part of the Haffetee room is to prepare the children for their transition to ‘big school’.  So as well as encouraging independence and social skills we have short daily group times led by an adult where children join in with singing, stories, counting and other key skills in a fun way, using lots of exciting visual aids and props.

The environment is set up into different areas to facilitate learning through play across all seven areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage.  These include:

  • Art and design
  • Role play and fantasy
  • Discovery and exploration
  • Mark making and fine motor skills
  • Construction
  • Small world play
  • Mathematics
  • Technology
  • Books and storytelling, & more!

We love to get outdoors and have daily opportunities to explore our fantastic garden and get involved in lots of physical play. P.E lessons take place in the summer term where children practise dressing and undressing and join in with a range of physical activities leading up to ‘Sports Day’ where all children participate and receive a certificate and medal!

We also take the children on many trips and outings throughout the year giving them the opportunity to explore the local environment and make important links with the community.  These include visits to the park, shops, post box, library, field, nature reserve, library and are flexible each year to suit the children’s interests and ideas at the time.

Equipment and activities are changed regularly to ensure there is always something to interest and challenge every child.  We adopt a flexible approach to planning to encourage and evolve child initiated ideas linked to clear learning and developmental objectives to meet the needs of every child in our setting and to focus specifically on promoting the characteristics of effective learners which are so vital in the early years.

We also love to get parents involved as much as possible in the children’s experiences and learning and invite you in to share your special skills and talents! Some of our favourites have included, tennis coaching, cake baking and decorating, visits from the fire fighters, some tadpole visitors, a talk about Chinese New Year and donations of home cooked food from around the world!

What The Parents Say