What a busy week we have had at Barbara Rose!

Some of the children were invited to visit the residence of a local care home. The children were very well behaved and enjoyed meeting the ladies at their coffee morning. The residence were so pleased to see the children and really enjoyed the songs they performed for them. One of the ladies who is now in her 90’s used to teach at Barbara Rose so she was delighted to see the children.

Another treat for the children….and staff :), was our garden tea party in honour of the royal wedding. Everyone devoured the delicious cakes and the children even tried tea.


Hamster Room

This week in the Hamster room the topic was ‘Vets’. They nursed our sick animals back to health and enjoyed playing with our farm yard. We also had the arrival of our ‘Living Eggs’. The children were fascinated by the eggs and even more excited when they began to hatch. All of our eggs have now hatched, we have 2 girls and 6 boys and next week they will be strong enough for the children to handle, which they are very excited about.



Haffertee Room

This week in the Haffertee room the topic was ‘Holidays’. The children have been making their own passports and boarding passes. They have enjoyed checking in at Barbara Rose Airways, flying in our Barbara Rose plane and making sand ice creams in the sand tray.


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